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Reduce handpiece equipment investment cycle

Time: 2014-12-20 16:01:12     

Use of economic means to strengthen the management of dental mobile devices, and in principle does not affect the functionality of technical equipment, reducing the total cycle time to invest in technology and equipment, including initial investment, regular maintenance and other factors that affect the investment costs.

An initial investment: is an important factor affecting investment fees. Accounting methods can tender for plant (to) home reputation, long-term cooperation, as well as advanced products, reliability, economy, energy efficiency, maintainability, etc. fully scientific proof. In ensuring the use of functional premise, consider the level of prices, and strive to reduce the initial equipment investment.

2 life: Under the same circumstances of price and performance, choose a long life cycle and long trouble-free device, the update cycle may be extended to reduce the continued investment.

3. Energy consumption: the greater the energy consumption, with annual spend more. Should be possible to select the energy consumption costs less technical equipment.

4. Maintenance Performance: Choose easy maintenance and low maintenance costs of equipment, in order to save their daily expenses. But the more complex equipment, the more precise, the greater maintenance costs, but also requires the appropriate maintenance of professional knowledge and skills. Therefore, we should require manufacturers to provide dental handpiece reliability of the information about the technical performance, maintenance manuals, spare parts supply cycle, and if you can use instead of domestic parts and other materials.