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Handpiece using conventional methods and operations

Time: 2014-12-15 16:00:21     

Handpiece using conventional methods and operations

1. Install the phone adapter, currently mostly in-line.

2. Adjust air pressure 0.2-0.22MPa, pressure 0.2MPa. Enter the phone's compressed air must be dry, clean, if the pressure is too low, it will cause the phone to rotate weakness, pressure is too high, it will accelerate the phone bearing wear.

3. Proper handling bur bur avoid long exposure. Handling bur reed must be in fully open state folder to avoid damaging the clamp axis.

4. Use up to international standards bur bur phone clip on the handle shaft diameter is very strict, we must ask at 1.59 ~ of 1.60mm. Even bur slightly bent, defect, it must be replaced immediately, so as not to shorten bearing life.

5. Turn the phone before ventilation must be holding a qualified bur avoid spring clip in the relaxed state high-speed rotation damaged.

6. When the needle reaches the maximum speed of the car before the grinding operation. When the grinding operation should be used touch-type, intermittent grinding, grinding to avoid continuously pressed.

7. bur be stopped before they remove it.