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Medical Devices 10% growth rate to maintain good future prospects

Time: 2014-12-14 15:59:41     

1 to September, China's medical equipment import and export trade amounted to $ 24.901 billion, an increase of 13.83%. Among them, the imports of $ 10.884 billion, an increase of 20.28%; exports of $ 14.017 billion, an increase of 9.27%; a surplus of $ 3.133 billion, down 17.11 percent.

Imports: the rapid growth of rehabilitation supplies

Import market

1 to 9 months, China's total imports of medical equipment from 93 countries and regions. From a regional perspective, Europe is the largest importer of China's medical device market, imports amounted to $ 4.29 billion, an increase of 26.52%, accounting for 39.42 percent; North America is the second largest market, imports amounted to $ 3.548 billion, an increase of 20.85 %, accounting for 32.59%; ranked third in Asia, imports amounted to $ 2.781 billion, an increase of 12.05%, accounting for 25.55%, the proportion reached 97.56 percent on three continents.

From specific countries and regions, the import of the top ten markets are the United States, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Ireland, Korea, Britain, France, the Netherlands and Singapore, imports total $ 9.113 billion, accounting for 83.73%.

For a long time, China's medical device market is dominated by imports of the United States, Germany and Japan, which imports goods from the United States are mainly ultrasound, CT, medical linear accelerator, MRI and sutures; imported products mainly from Germany, CT, MRI, within endoscope, dialysis equipment, X-ray contrast agent and check breathing machine; products are mainly imported from Japan have CT, ultrasound, endoscopy, medical catheters and dialysis equipment; products are mainly imported from Switzerland with orthopedic or fracture appliances , pacemakers, syringes, artificial joints, dental appliances and equipment and other ophthalmic devices; imports from Ireland products mainly include vascular stents, medical catheters, contact lenses, X-rays contrast agents, such as pacemakers and artificial joints.

Imported Products

From the product structure, from January to September, China imported medical equipment, medical supplies, rehabilitation supplies, oral established medical dressing materials and imports were $ 7.79 billion, $ 1.715 billion, $ 853 million, $ 330 million and $ 197 million , an increase of 10.84%, 29.88%, 197%, 36.99% and 13.92%, accounting for 71.57%, 15.75%, 7.84%, 3.03% and 1.81%. In the five categories of products, rehabilitation supplies increase significantly, up to 197%, mainly orthopedic implant products, orthopedic or fracture appliances and contact lenses with a rapid growth of imports.

From the specific products, the amount of imported medical devices in our more than 100 million US dollars of specific products mainly include ultrasound, medical catheters, CT, MRI, endoscopy, vascular stents, orthopedic or fracture with appliances, medical linear accelerator, artificial joints, X ray tubes, dialysis equipment, X-ray contrast agent examination, magnetic resonance imaging apparatus parts, monitors and syringes. Where the stent and X-rays contrast agents increase is more obvious, respectively 41.39% and 70.7%.

1 to 9 months, China mainly from the United States, South Korea, Japan, Austria, Norway and Italy imports ultrasound, the amount of imports in the first three rows of business is Shenzhen Eternal Asia Supply Chain Co., Ltd., Shanghai East-China International Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. and trading company; CT mainly imported from the United States, Germany, Japan and Israel, the amount of imports in the first three rows of the enterprise is the Building Materials Group import and Export Company, Sichuan and Anhui to the import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. import and Export Trade Co., Asia, the US and Asia; MRI major imported from Germany, the United States and the Netherlands, the amount of imports in the first three rows of the enterprise is Hull Qingdao international Trade Co., Building Materials import and Export Group corporation and Shanghai East international Trade Co., pine; endoscope, mainly from Japan, Germany and the United States imports, imports amounted to row three firms Olympus trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai's Valley supply Chain management Co., Ltd. and Pentax medical Devices (Shanghai) Co., Ltd; stent mainly imported from Ireland, the United States and Germany, the amount of imports in the first three rows of the enterprise is Medtronic medical supplies and Technology Services (Shanghai) Co., almost Teng International trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Boston Scientific international Medical trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Import business

From corporate structure, 1 to September a total of 10,498 companies operating medical equipment imports, foreign-funded enterprises, private enterprises and state-owned enterprises were the number 4193, 5260 and 1012, imports were $ 4.408 billion, 38.59 billion and $ 2.585 billion US dollars, an increase of 23.54%, 23.72% and 10.7%, accounting for 40.50%, 35.45% and 23.75%.

From the specific business perspective, a total of 215 companies over 10 million US dollars of imports, including medical supplies Medtronic Technical Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai East Pine International Trading Co., the world's countries combined declaration (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yi Alliance Import and Export Co., Kimberly-Clark (China) Co., almost Teng International trading (Shanghai) Co., Johnson & Johnson (Shanghai) medical equipment Co., Ltd., Olympus trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Roche Diagnostics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. medical and Boston Scientific international trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. imports amounted to the top ten, a total of $ 1.397 billion of imports, the proportion reached 12.83%. In the previous decade, in addition to Boston Scientific International Medical Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., the company imports the top nine are more than 100 million US dollars.

Imported provinces

1 to September, China's imports of medical equipment before 10 provinces and cities of Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Tianjin, Liaoning, Fujian and Hubei, imports total $ 9.882 billion, the proportion of 90.79%. Shanghai's main products imported are medical catheters, stents, endoscopy, orthopedic or fracture with appliances, artificial joints and hemodialysis machine; the main products imported Beijing have ultrasound, CT, MRI and X-ray tubes; Guangdong mainly imports products include ultrasound, dental drill, CT, and MRI and so on.

Exports: a high proportion of foreign-funded enterprises

Export market

1 to September, China's total to 219 countries and regions exporting medical devices. From the outlet region, the Asia's largest export market of China's medical equipment exports to $ 4.578 billion, an increase of 12.96%, accounting for 32.66%; Europe's second-largest market, with exports of $ 3.775 billion, an increase of 5.53 %, accounting for 26.93%; ranked third in North America, with exports of $ 3.665 billion, an increase of 10.06%, accounting for 26.14%.

From specific countries and regions, the top ten export markets are the United States, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Germany, Britain, Russia, the Netherlands, France, India and South Korea, total exports of $ 8.423 billion, accounting for 60.09%. The main products exported to the United States have X-rays contrast agents, medical nonwovens, hearing aids, cotton wool, gauze, bandages and monitors; major products exported to Japan have ultrasound, cotton wool, gauze, bandages, wheelchairs; to Germany the main export products mainly include cotton wool, gauze, bandages, medical nonwovens, ventilators and weight meter.

Export product

From the product structure, 1 to September exports of China's exports of medical equipment, rehabilitation supplies, medical supplies, medical dressings and oral materials were provided $ 6.194 billion, $ 2.972 billion, $ 2.617 billion, $ 1.766 billion and $ 468 million , respectively, an increase of 10.21%, 9.89%, 8.55%, 2.88% and 24.45%, the proportion was 44.19%, 21.21%, 18.67%, 12.6% and 3.34%.

From product-specific perspective, China's exports of medical equipment in the amount of billions of dollars in major products are medical catheters, cotton wool / gauze / bandages, medical nonwovens, syringes, X-ray contrast agent examination, ultrasound, hearing aids, X-ray tomography instrument, monitors, non-mechanical drive vehicles with disabilities, blood pressure measuring instrument, orthopedic or fracture appliance of vulcanized rubber surgical gloves, sets of magnetic resonance imaging devices and dentures.

Medical tubing mainly to Japan, the United States, Germany, the Netherlands and South Korea's exports, the main export enterprises Terumo Medical Products (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., Nutricia Pharmaceutical (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. and Kelinnike medical equipment (Nanchang) Limited; medical nonwoven fabric garments, mainly to the United States, Germany, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom is exported, mainly Italian enterprises in Dongguan Xin healthcare products Factory, Anhui Chinese international Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. and Lianyungang Bo Xing nonwovens Co., Ltd. etc; ultrasonography, mainly to the United States, Japan, the Netherlands, Germany and India is exported, mainly companies General Electric medical Systems (China) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Mindray bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. and Jabil Circuit (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.; guardianship the main instrument to the United States, India, Turkey, Singapore and the Netherlands is exported, mainly enterprises in Shenzhen Mindray bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd., Solectron (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and Jabil Circuit (Shanghai) Limited.

Export enterprises

From corporate structure, 1 to September a total of 17,457 of medical equipment export business, including foreign-funded enterprises, private enterprises and state-owned enterprises were the number 3178, 13072 and 1144, exports were $ 7.01 billion, 58.52 billion and $ 1.127 billion US dollars, respectively, an increase of 7.46%, 16.8% and -10.06%, the proportion was 50.01%, 41.75% and 8.04%.

From the specific business perspective, a total of 229 enterprises with exports over 10 million US dollars, of which GE Pharmaceutical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Hang Wei GE Medical Systems Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd., Xiamen Rui Xinguan Logistics Ltd., Jabil Circuit (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Omron (Dalian) Co., Ltd., Siemens (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. magnetic resonance, Shanghai alliance logistics Limited, Unitron Hearing technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Siemens Medical equipment Co. medical equipment company ranks the top ten of the export value, total exports of $ 1.666 billion, up 11.88 percent share. The top ten companies are exporting more than 100 million US dollars, of which the top three firms have more than 200 million US dollars exports.

Export provinces

1 to September, China's exports of medical equipment before the 10 provinces and cities in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian, Beijing, Hubei, Liaoning, Shandong and Anhui, total exports of $ 12.788 billion, the proportion of 91.25%. Guangdong main export products include body weight, monitors, ultrasound, medical catheters and blood pressure, the main export products in Jiangsu have medical catheters, hearing aids, cotton wool, gauze, bandages, ultrasound and syringes, Shanghai's main export products include X-ray check the contrast agents, medical catheters, CT, ultrasound, and monitors and so on.

Summary and Outlook

From September 1 to the amount of import and export situation can be seen, China's medical device trade surplus is shrinking, mainly due to the global medical device market competition, China's medical device market demand continues to expand, some companies have in maintaining export trade on the basis of certain , shifting the focus to the domestic market. From the specific products, the import of products still ultrasound, CT, MRI, endoscopy, vascular stents and linear accelerators and other high-tech, high value-added products. In the export of products to cotton wool, gauze, bandages, syringes and other medical non-woven fabrics and low value-added products, the export of ultrasound, CT and MRI are mostly foreign companies in China products. From the corporate structure, the import enterprises, private enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises in the number of firms and the amount of imports less. But in the export business, the number of private enterprises and more than nearly 10,000 foreign-funded enterprises, but the proportion of foreign-funded enterprises exported amount was as high as 50.01%.

Overall, in 2013 China's medical equipment import and export trade continues to improve, with the rapid development of China's economy, the rigid demand of the domestic market, as well as continuous integration of domestic resources, and gradually emerged innovative medical devices, China's imports of medical equipment exports both will remain at a high growth rate.

At present, China's medical device industry gradually usher upgrading, mergers and acquisitions to expand, a new stage of export restructuring, China's medical device-related policy, enterprise technology upgrades and mergers and acquisitions and other factors will bring new impetus to the development of the industry, to promote the product structure optimization, improve product quality, expand business scale. Under the rigid demand and significant growth of China's medical device market environment, global medical device market demand, China's medical equipment import and export trade is expected to remain over 10% growth rate, import and export volume will exceed $ 33 billion.