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Brush Drip Card ~ Southeast Asias second largest economy [Singapore Thailand Exhibition Review]

Time: 2019-01-12 18:23:59     

2018  12    19

Thai Dental Association (TDA)
Thailand Dental Exhibition

Exhibition time: December 19-21, 2018

Venue: Thailand - Bangkok

Exhibition cycle: one year

Organizer: Thai Dental Association

The new booth at the exhibition attracted visitors and dealers from Southeast Asia to visit and consult.

Now let Xinzi take you to review the exhibition site, and take this opportunity to review, Xinbai Center thank each and every customer friend for saying: Thank you for your cooperation!


Site review

Dealers and dentist friends come to visit and consult


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In the pursuit of comfort in speed, the process of tilting down only 9 seconds, the linkage compensation angle > 12 degrees, imported microfiber skin, so that patients are more comfortable;

Cell phone pipeline disinfection,

Intelligent 痰盂 disinfection.

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