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Chongqing: You are so sexy, how can others be able to stand up?

Time: 2018-12-01 15:51:30     

Every winter season,

I will remember the hot pot in Chongqing.

The fire is in the air, the fragrance is floating,

Appetizing, refreshing, warming up.

That trace of spicy,

Like an elf jumping on the tip of the tongue,

Shifting the taste buds, anesthetizing the cells,

It’s endless, and it’s still unfinished.

Chongqing hot pot,

Show off live,

The city’s straightforward and hot character,

Always warm everyone who comes.

The scent of hot pot in the air,

Gorgeous lights and night scenes,

It is the initial impression of people.

And when you get to know the city,

I discovered that Chongqing is really multifaceted.

No matter what dream you are coming from,

Chongqing will give you a satisfactory answer.

Walk into Chongqing and watch the 3D traffic track

Chongqing Rail Transit,

Going into the sky, crossing the river,

Not only is it a convenient tool for citizens to commute,

It is a popular attraction not to be missed.

Line 2 Liziba Station: Passing the building

Every day, the light rails are worn every day.

A magical scene flying through the air.

Line 2 Ping An Station: 90° turn

Ping An Station to Dadukou Station,

A corner of about 90 degrees,

It looks like a roller coaster ride.

The old street of Jing City, exploring the taste of old Chongqing

Mountain town trail

Take a walk down the hillside of the ridge,

Thus crossing the old residential area,

Feel the most original market culture,

This is one of the best ways to go deep into Chongqing.

A number of architectural sites can be seen along the way.

Can also see locals

In the front of the small building in Linjiang, let the sun shine, pull home often...

All this can calm down,

Seeing the appearance of the glitz,

The oldest and most authentic old Chongqing.

Xiahao Old Street,

It used to be one of the most prosperous neighborhoods in Chongqing in the last century.

It is the epitome of the old Chongqing city life.

Narrow alleys, old brick houses,

Slate steps up and down,

Every corner shows people

Here was a life-filled imprint of fireworks.

Travel the ancient town and taste the most authentic life

Ciqikou Ancient Town

Come to Ciqikou Ancient Town,

Step on the bluestone road,

Sample local specialties.

Find a teahouse,

You can taste the most authentic Chongqing life.

Gongtan Ancient Town

Gongtan people's lifestyle

Like the remains of the Bluestone Street and the old buildings,

Still kept rustic.

Here is a brick, a tile, a grass,

There is the atmosphere of the ancient town above the Wujiang River.

Yantan Ancient Town

A small, blue-walled building with a patchwork and wooden structure.

Basically maintained the original features of the Ming and Qing Dynasties,

Simple and elegant, giving people back to basics

Step into the quiet mountain town.

Eat authentic Chongqing cuisine

The biggest feature of Chongqing cuisine is spicy.

Hot pot and small noodles must be tasted

Whether it is Jiefangbei, Hongyadong, Ciqikou food street,

It’s still a small restaurant in the depths of the street, and it’s fascinating.

Hot Pot

Recommended place:

Zhu's fat rotten hot pot (Linjiang Road)

Zhao Er Hot Pot (Jiefang East Road)

Chongqing face

Recommended place:

Flower Market, Bean Noodles (Flower City Head Office)

Fat Girl Noodle (Zhongshan Third Road)

18-ladder eye face (Yuzhong shop)

Hot and sour powder

Recommended place:

Good and hot and sour powder (Jiefangbei shop)

Zhang Laohan handmade hot and sour powder (Ciqikou one shop)

Leijia old peasant hot and sour powder (Shapingba shop)

Copy hand

Recommended place:

Ramie Hand (Hongyadong)

Wu Shouhand (Zhonghua Road)

Old hemp hand (Huigong Road)

a good tooth

Enjoy Chongqing cuisine

a pot of old wine

Counting the story of the old town

Mysterious Border Town, Charming Xiushan, Millennium Ancient Town,

Style capital, sexy capital, leisure capital...

People’s praise for Chongqing,

It seems to never stop.

2018 Chongqing Dental Exhibition

December 4th to 6th

At Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center (Nanping)

New grid with you

Talk about the story of the old city!