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Sincerely, this knowledge is only open! ——Fuzhou Exhibition Review

Time: 2018-12-01 15:38:39     

Fujian Dental Exhibition

The 5th China (Fujian) International Dental Equipment Exhibition in 2018

Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center

Held on November 15, 2018

Xinge Medical joins Quanzhou Jieqi Medical to participate in Fujian Dental Exhibition

Booth No: E01-06

This is not only an academic exchange meeting, but also a gathering of the latest equipment technology exchanges. The newest product of Xinge Medical, the central vacuum system of the oral cavity, also debuted at the exhibition.

Sincerely, this knowledge is only open

▲  The central oral vacuum exhibited by Xinge Medical at the Di Yue Medical booth - Wei Kai

▲  Xinge Medical Booth

▲ Exhibits: Xinge Musical Dental Chair + New Style X3 Dental Chair

▲  Our commentator is giving a dental friend a serious explanation of the musical chair

The above content is a highlight of the exhibition.

At this exhibition, Xinge Medical exhibited the central negative pressure system of the mouth - Weikai, Xinge Musical Chair, and Xinge X3 series. During the three-day exhibition, Xinge Medical Co., Ltd. and friends from all over the country gathered together and exchanged opinions with the distributors; they got everyone's attention and affirmation. Xinge Medical is people-oriented, innovation-driven, and service-oriented; it continuously develops or improves products that are close to the market and meet customer needs.

Our new grid, the new grid of the world!

Next stop: Chongqing Exhibition

December 4-6, 2018

The new grid will not be seen with you.