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Exhibition information

Review of the Cambodia show!

Time: 2018-11-02 17:18:38     

Annual Cambodian Dental Exhibition

Xinge with music dental chair, X5 dental chair, new grid X3

From October 18 to 19, 2018

Debut in Phnom Penh!

Internationalization? Of course not stop;

Xinge humanized dental chair brand family show, of course not the same!

Different Cambodian dental exhibitions,

Different new humanization,

you deserve to have.

Xinge Medical brought music chairs, X3 and X5 to the Cambodian exhibition, which showed the design and function of the new humanized dental chair for the dentist users, and displayed its unique brand features, further showing the overall image of the development of the dental industry. .

The following is the exhibition site:

Dental friends and dealers are listening carefully to the commentator's explanation.

New lattice chair family debut in Cambodia

The dealer is learning and experiencing our dental chair.

The dealer is seriously understanding our music dental chair.

The above is about the scene of the Singapore Pavilion.

Our new grid, the new grid of the world.

Xinge and you create a new pattern!

Pay attention to oral health and pay attention to new medical treatment!

Long press the QR code to "recognize" the attention, participate in the Zhuge Liang event, and win the music dental chair.