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Company information

On September 14th, Xinge invites you to experience the culture of the Central Plains and enjoy the elegance of Zhengzhou

Time: 2018-09-12 15:17:20     

Central Exhibition ZHENGZHOU

2018 Central China (Zhengzhou) Dental Equipment and Materials Exhibition

Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center

September 14-16, 2018

Autumn in Zhengzhou, short but splendid

Such as the painter's five-color drawing board

Colorful and fascinating

The fall of Zhengzhou is a city that is envied by the whole country.

Xinge will take you into Zhengzhou and feel the fall of the Central Plains.

Sitting and talking about music chairs

The products that will be exhibited in Zhengzhou this time are:

Musical dental chair, X5 planting type, X3 series, X1 series

Let the new grid give you a small show.

Musical dental chair

You can't understand music

But you can enjoy the music

Musical dental chair

Completely broke the traditional design concept

More is given care, comfort and health, etc.

User-friendly content

Integrate innovation, design and technology

Everything is only for a more soothing and convenient experience.


X5 planting type

Different focus

A lot of wonderful partners

Luxury shadowless lamp

Eight white lights + eight yellow lights

No flicker, no glare

As if walking into that mild night

ECG monitor

In a smart, automated way

Pay attention to your body and mind

Know your discomfort

Product interpretation is elegant, design changes life




Beginning with Yan value (falling), ending in talent (loyalty), finally character

So I believe

We can go very far and far together

Xinge is willing to accompany you


Northward to the Central Plains, September 14-16, Xinge meets you at Zhengzhou Exhibition

We are waiting for you in Zhengzhou.

Come and sweep,

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