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"I raise you," the most confession in 2018

Time: 2018-09-12 14:47:29     

Recently popular four words "I raise you"

Why is it popular, because Chengdu Xiaotian said that the requirement to feed her is just "can take me to dinner", in this material-crossing society, it is just like a clear spring.

Such a young lady is rare.

We seem to be used to it.

Used to no car / no room / no deposit = no female ticket

Get this gospel

Many little brothers can't wait to fly to Chengdu.

I want to take up the task of feeding sweeties.

However, in the eyes of Xinzi, it is still difficult to support a person.

When the words "I raise you," at the beginning of the fire, I believe that most people don't remember it. This sentence is from a very classic film in the movie "The King of Comedy" directed by Stephen Chow. In the bridge section, Yin Liuqiu chased him up when Liu fluttered for a long distance. He didn’t want Liu Piao floating to engage in his previous work. At this time, Yin Tianqiu had fallen in love with Liu Fengqi, and he hoped to give She is happy. So when Liu fluttering said "Do you go to work, raise me?"

Yin Tianqiu was struggling at this time. On the one hand, he hoped to be able to float with Liu, but because of his current situation, he could not possibly give her the life she wanted, so Yin Tiancheng just smiled and waved goodbye. But he also thought about what kind of situation he would face when Liu floated back. He didn't want his loved one to be bullied by other men, so he said the most classic "I raise you!"

This fascinating but full of true expression of the confession, and the subsequent tears of Liu fluttering in the taxi, perfectly set off in a light and romantic melody, made another classic in Stephen Chow's movie. It has left an unforgettable memory for countless audiences.

Xinzi believes that many of my friends are temporarily unable to change the situation at this stage.

Single friends are like new ones.

Want to break the status quo

Xinzai also wants to have a sweetie.

Do it...

Xinzai 18-style welfare lottery

The idea is beautiful but not realistic

One in ten million probability...

Anyway, the new child has never been...

As everyone knows, if the idea is not realized, it is a fantasy, a white dream, a delusion.

If you can't realize it, you can't change it to "money".


This is not, there is a dental chair that has been raging recently.

There is also a "Zhuge Liang" in the dental chair industry.

Of course, this "Zhuge" is not the "Zhuge"

This is an activity for ideas.

Turn your ideas and suggestions into real wealth

Some people wonder, so many activities for soliciting ideas.

Why pick this "tooth chair world Zhuge Liang activities"

The key is

High probability

(It’s better than buying a lottery ticket, the cost of two dollars is saved)

High rewards

More bonuses

How many tens of thousands of dental chairs?

Is it a minute-long thing to raise sweets?

As long as there is a prize

If this kind of activity does not participate, then why not eat big losses? ...

It’s not fat, it’s a new idea.

In order to meet the needs of the masses

The following new children will share this activity with everyone.


Perhaps you will ask: Is the difficulty coefficient of this activity large?

Xiaobian now tells you honestly: It is not difficult at all!

Our activities are simple:

1. What do you think is the lack of existing equipment in the new dental chair and what needs improvement?

2. What do you want to invent for the dental chair?

3. What is your opinion on the development of a company or industry?

The way to participate is also very convenient:

 The activity was conducted in the form of a questionnaire. Pay attention to the public number “cingol168” (the public number), respond to the keyword “Zhuge Liang” to participate in the activity, and click the link to fill out the questionnaire.

Activity time: August 11th - December 31st

As long as you bravely say, as long as you think boldly,

We will be proud to send!

1000-3000 yuan cash reward is not a luxury!

The new music music chair is free to send is not a dream!

There are still many prizes...

Click on the links below to learn more about the awards settings for our event:

Don't forget your heart, go forward---Xinge "Looking for the dental chair world Zhuge Liang 3"

Meet you among thousands of people,

No early step, no late step,


It is the person we are looking for!