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Exhibition information

20th Century China International Equipment and Materials Exhibition

Time: 2017-06-06 09:52:11     

Introduction to the exhibition

time and location

June 9, 2017 Beijing National Convention Center (500 meters north of Water Cube)

Exhibition background

With the strong support of all parties, Sino-Dental has gone through 21 spring and autumn, has developed into China's most authoritative and influential oral professional event, in China and Asia, oral reputation.

Exhibition scale

Chinese countries such as China, Germany, Japan, Korea, the United States, Brazil, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Liechtenstein, Italy, France, Britain, Denmark, Austria, Poland, India, UAE, Hong Kong, China Taiwan and other 30 countries and regions Of more than 700 exhibitors. Exhibition area of 45,000 square meters.

Concerned about the crowd

The exhibition brings together many domestic and foreign top oral production and distribution enterprises, the oral industry can not miss the professional feast. In 2015, more than 100,000 professionals from 92 countries and regions participated in exhibitions and academic events. During the exhibition held in the international dealer day is to attract dealers around the world to come and talk. Is expected to attract more professional visitors and distributors in 2016.

Academic and technical exchange

During the exhibition held advanced academic and technical exchange activities 110, involving more than 200 topics, in vigorously promote the development of oral science at the same time, but also for the majority of professionals to provide more learning and exchange platform. Some lectures will also provide Class I credits for national continuing medical education.

● International exchange: German dental day, Japan advanced dental clinical lectures, the American Dental Association special

● Academic lectures: new progress report on dental medicine, dental pulpology topics, oral repair topics, oral orthodontic topics, periodontal topics, oral medicine imaging technology lectures, oral medicine materials and technology development forum, medical record competition , Dental arena

● Management Forum: Zhang Zhenkang discussion, the eighth Asia-Pacific dental industry summit, oral management seminars, oral physician forum

● Technology Exchange: Fengda, Kawa Shengbang, Ojie orthodontics, Germany Zeiss Optics, Leica, Colgate, Zimmer Dental, Morita, Han Ruixiang, Switzerland Conte, Mani, Jian Deli Mai, Zhong Bin He industry, Caramel, Kai An Ruihua more than 20 enterprises special technical exchange activities.

The highlights of the current domestic industry as the strongest strength and has a certain international influence of oral professional exhibition, Sino-Dental since 2013 has become the German government 271 support overseas exhibition only focus on supporting the exhibition.

● Traffic route

● Subway

Metro Line 8 "Olympic Park Station" direct access to the exhibition hall in front (A, E exit)

● bus

328,484,628,630,419,913,379 get off at the south gate of the town

Beijing Capital Airport - National Convention Center

About 26 km, 25 minutes by car

● subway fast track: Airport - Dongzhimen, transfer line 13 to Shaoyaoju, for 10 lines to the North Tucheng, transfer line 8 to the Olympic Park Station A, E exports.

Beijing Railway Station - National Convention Center

About 16 km

● Metro: Line 2 Beijing Railway Station - Drum Tower Street, transfer to Line 8 to the Olympic Park Station A, E exports.

Beijing West Railway Station - National Convention Center

About 19 km

● Subway: Line 9 Beijing West Railway Station - Whitehead Bridge South, transfer to Line 6 to Nanluoguxiang, transfer to Line 8 to Olympic Park Station A, E exit.

Beijing South Railway Station - National Convention Center

About 18 km

● Metro: Line 4 Beijing South Railway Station - Ping An, transfer to Line 6 to Nanluoguxiang, transfer line 8 to the Olympic Park Station A, E exports.